Book Project

I decided to do my book project on night photography. My eye is drawn to it I think. It turned out to be a lot more tiring than I hoped for as I slowly realized I was going to have some very late nights. I liked it for the most part. It took forever to get one picture. I swear I took like 20 of each of the shots I chose. Required a lot of patience from me, but it was not that hard to dish out because once I see a picture I want I’ve locked myself in to get it. I explored Carlsbad, Del Mar, and San Diego as my locations for the photography. Almost lost my life once, got harassed by a bum another time, well times two actually. Almost fell asleep driving home from a long night in San Diego, that wasn’t fun. It really challenged me. I don’t know if I would spend another night out doing that again but it was fun for the time being. It’s just hard to trade sleep for that.




Me and my friend Elijah visited MOPA,  a photography museum in San Diego. We went mid day, afternoonish. It was pretty hot I’m not gonna lie, ended up buying an overpriced tea like you do. There were two different sections to the MOPA museum, each of them equally interesting to say the least. One of them was photography of the younger generation. Like really young. The photography itself seemed alright, some better than others, the stories behind them seemed what to have gotten them up there. I read some articles of the photography from a 5 year old and 11 year olds, and 17 year olds who all seemed to have the wisdom of socrates. The entire exhibit was like a room full of the most wise kids you will ever meet, I was blown away. If there were not ages on the photography I would have never guessed that these photographers were these young because of the highly philosophical descrpitions of what could be seen as simple photography. I definitely spent most of my time in this part of the exhibit, probably because I could identify more with this age group and there thoughts. Some of it seemed highly liberal and I kind of felt bad for the kids because it seems like they lacked a sense of security and purpose and knowledge of their intrinsic value. The second exhibit was about spanish culture and honestly it was not that interesting to me, it was really weird, abstract, and hard to connect with for me.  It was free though so that made it good.

Richard Avedon


I have a hard time saying anything about this guy. Either his work is so deep and intimate that I don’t really understand as a young buck, well I do not really have another option, I am pretty sure that is it. I mean he takes some interesting photos,  really curious photos, makes me think about why he took them like that, what he was trying to say. What I liked about Richard the most was his ability to direct his subjects. Simply amazing. I hope that one day I am not scared of interacting with subjects and I could give natural energy to them as I capture moments of time.

Alphabet in the World


Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 8.12.19 PM.pngHere are a the A B C’s from around North Count San Diego. I promise if you look hard enough and use a little imagination you will see all of them. This challenge was a lot more difficult than I imagined and hoped it to be. It took a lot more looking than I wanted it to and it did not turn out as well as I hoped. This has probably been my least favorite assignment in terms of how it came out. I am thankful for these assignments that challenge me and teach me about myself and test my skills and talent. These photos were taken during all times of the day. Some are altered slightly to further highlight what letter is being portrayed and I think that is okay. I hope you enjoy this more than I did.

Night Photography


These photos were taken at North Coast Church vista campus, they were taken around 9pm – 10pm. I got a mix of night sky photos, architecture and landscape photos, and the bending of light. I took these all on a tripod with a 70-200mm lens, a couple with 2x magnification attachment. I played with a big array of f stops and shutter speeds. The hardest part for me doing this night shoot was choosing what to photograph. There were buildings and cars around but nothing in particular stuck out to me so it was pretty frustrating for me not being able to envision anything that I really liked. Overall the shoot was pretty fun, but the results were underwhelming to me.


  1. Street photography captures people, places, and location within a public place. It is also unstated, with no prior arrangement. It is photography captured in the moment, on the go.
  2. Aperture- the diameter of the lens opening. The bigger the aperture the more light is let in to hit the sensor. The smaller the number the higher the aperture. Also the higher the aperture the more blur you will get in the background. The smaller the aperture the less light will be let in and more of the photo will be in focus.

Shutter speed – the amount of time that the shutter remains open while taking a picture. The longer the shutter speed the more light will be let in and the more blur will be in the photo if it is not stable. The faster the shutter speed the less light will be let in and the photo will have a more frozen effect.

3. PSD – a photoshop file that has layers on it from photoshop.

RAW – a RAW file is straight off the sensor and holds all the information for that photo.

4. Metadata

5. crop tool- allows you to change the size of your photo

spot removal- allows you to remove unwanted spots on the photo by copying a part of the photo and replacing the unwanted part with it.

redeye tool- removes redeye

graduate filter, radial filter, adjustment brush

6. The histogram shows the exposure, highs, and lows of your photo, which shows you how to edit your photo.

7. Presets, grayscale, and contrast.

8. ISO, Shutter speed, Aperture


MONTES_23OCT17_0003I took this photo at my apartment complex during mid daytime. This shot was very hard to find, I looked all weekend for this shot and this was the best I found. A snail, snailing slowly up a wall.  The shot was kind of hard to get, there was bushes on the right side of me which gave me a very slim space to get in and take the shot. It was actually Sunday so I was kind of getting nervous that I was not going to find the shot. I was rushing out of the door and I seen the this snail and immediately I knew this was the photo I had to capture before the weekend had ended.

Photo Booth

Link to video:

Justin and I took these pictures at North Coast Church in Vista, California. All these fabulous models are attendees of The Jordan. The Jordan is a ministry for young adults(18-25) at North Coast Church. These were taken on a Thursday night which made it a challenge because there was no natural light. The only lighting we had was a single LED light that mounted on top of Justin’s camera. It definitely wasn’t ideal but we worked with what we had. This lighting situation caused us to have to crank up our ISO in order to get a decently exposed shot. Although we made it work it definitely took a shot on the quality of our photos which is unfortunate. I shot here because there is a lot of people that attend The Jordan which also means there is also a lot of people that I do not know because I am an introvert and I struggle with going out of my way to meet new people. This project was my attempt to get to know the names and faces of The Jordan at North Coast Church a little better. I say a little because it takes more than one time for me to memorize and recognize someone by their name and face. Overall I would have to say that my favorite part of the project was making the video. Although I did not put to much effort into shooting the video because I was pretty booked with shooting the photos I was able to squeeze in a video here and there. I have to say I am pretty pleased with how the video came out! It was definitely my favorite part editing the video and making a vision come alive.

Silver and Light Video

I was taken back by this short film. This guy has a van that was a camera.  His entire van was a giant portable camera. What? That’s determination. I am continuously blown away in this class how photography has completed shattered the boxes that I have put it in. The video in totality was about a Man who left his life in LA, took his life savings and hit the road with a vision of taking giant photos. And that is exactly what this man did, really inspiring to say the least.silver-light-3